Diegetic – Natural sounds within a scene

Non–diegetic – sound added to a scene – soundtrack
Potential problem – less realistic
Potential benefit – more dramatic

Sound bridge – sound which carries on over two scenes
Literally creating a ‘bridge’ between events

Music - short sequence of sound to create an emotion/feeling

Sound - a natural sound out of place and without a source

Contrapuntal – sound which creates an opposite emotion to the one screen

Close up of his eyes to start with.
Camera pans out.
Tony- wakes up early, Sunday(church bells if gay, goes against the church), neat, neat bedroom, wakes up early on Sunday possibly something on his mind.
Bed spread of a naked man and woman. He lies in the middle.
Appears to have not slept in his bed.
Possibly gay/bisexual, that’s why he’s lying in the middle, unsure. Maybe had no sleep due to sexuality.
Eyes blue, hair brown.
Shadow shows his face across bed, from open/light window.
Room is very white and neat, appears to be wealthy
2 shadows, symbolic possibly showing his sexuality
Enigma – why is he awake?

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