Film Habits Questionnaire?

1. Would you rather watch a British or American film?
British 0 American lllllllll British and American l
2. How many times do you visit the cinema per month?
0 l
1 llllll
2 lll
3. If you had the choice would you rather see a film in 2D or 3D?
2D l
3D lllllllll
4. How many DVD􏰀s do you buy per month?
0 lllll
1 lll
2 ll
5. Do you watch the internet to watch latest releases?
Yes lll
No llllll
Sometimes l
6. Do you download films legally or illegally?
Legally l
Illegally ll
Neither lllllll
7. Would you rather watch a film at the cinema or on the internet?
Cinema lllllllll
Internet l
8. Do you enjoy 3D films?
Yes lllllllll
No l
9. Do you think that you would enjoy a 3D television in your home?
Yes lllll
No lll
Don􏰀t know ll
10. Is your favourite film British or American?
British I
American llllllllll
11. Do you tend to watch trailers before going to watch new films?
Yes lllllll
No lll
12. Have you ever been to an Imax studio to watch a film?
Yes lll
No lllllll
13. Do you tend to follow upcoming films on the internet?
Yes l
No llllllll
Sometimes l
14. Do you think that the qualities of British and American films are different?
Yes lllllll
No lll
15. Do you own more standard or Blu-ray DVD􏰀s?
Standard llllllllll
Blu-ray 0

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