Production - Preliminary Film Task

For the production process we had to take into consideration 3 key factors.
  • camera angles
  • continuity
  • character placing
The filming process for especially hard, the fact that no one in our group had any experience made the whole task a whole lot harder. We were all unsure of where the best places to have the camera. It really was a task that we had to learn from experience. One of our major faults was having the camera zoomed in to far, this caused us to have a lot of shots that cut part of both the characters out. The easiest way to get around this, next time we do something similar, is to place the character in the exact spot we will be filming them and getting the shot correct.
Continuity is also a factor that I hadn't imagined would be so hard, I presumed that as long as everything was filmed quickly in the same space that everything remain the same. We had to consider lighting when going into a room, which would mean that blinds would be open when waling into a room, and closed when someone sits down.
Overall as a group during the filming process, we worked well, we took in turns as to who would film, and decided fairly who would be in the video. Our major down floor was getting the shots correct, but this is something that will be taken into consideration when we come to film our final piece.
Next time I use the camera I will be watching out for dead space around characters and objects. When filming next time I will refer back to the mistakes made in this task, and consider how to change them to create a good final piece.

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