Post production - Preliminary Film Task

For the final stage of creating our film we had to edit the raw footage. I feel that we did this considerably well, taking it in turns to play a small part in learning how to edit footage. As we are all amateurs in editing, we a considerably more time to finish our product than we would of liked. One of the main things that I feel that we all learnt was that although we have a clear image in our heads of how we would like the final product to appear, its a lot harder to edit to the way we want to.
The hardest part in editing was adding a backing track, as I had completely no idea how to do this, and learning how to was a whole new experience.

Overall I am pleased with the way we worked as a group, and our final product.
My strengths were having a part in the video, filming Tom walking down the corridor and edited the some clips together, cutting the length and making sure they flowed properly, and I also added and help trim the music.
Overall everything went well, but there were a couple of continuity errors, most notably the blinds being open and then in another scene them being closed, as well as the door changing colour. A couple of our camera angles were slightly wonky, as well as cutting out the top and bottom of heads. This is something I will definitely have to take into consideration when I next do filming.As this was our first task, a few slight errors were inevitable. But what I have learnt from this is that even the slightest erros in filming can be noticeable

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