Pre Production - Preliminary Magazine Task

For this task we worked by ourselves, we were asked to create a front page and contents page suitable for a school magazine. We had to include a mid shot photo which strictly was not allowed to be a stock photo.
We firstly had to draw up an original plan of our desired magazine cover. It had to include a photo, a headline and also side headings and possible . I drew and original picture of what I felt I should look like, to represent students at Lutterworth College. I labelled my magazine to show who it will be aimed at and the type of people would be actually interested in reading my magazine. I took the name of my magazine from the culture magazine COMPLEX, using their interesting bold style of titles. I decided upon EXCEL@LC as I felt this was a good play on words, excel could be taken just as a magazine titles, as well as achieving in school.
There were quite a few skills that I acquired during this task. It is now a lot clearer that I need to keep my designs clear so that they are easier for me and others to understand. When I come to do this as my final piece, I know that my initial sketch will be considerably clearer so that it is easier for me to recreate on PhotoShop. Knowing your audience is a key part in designing a magazine. I now know that keeping all of my information relevant to the group is key to creating an enjoyable magazine
This is my initial magazine cover drawing. As you can see it's not incredibly clear, but it included enough detail for me to complete the task. When I come to draw the plan for my final magazine I will make my plan a lot clearer and bolder.

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