Pre-Production - Preliminary Task

For post production we had to work in a group of four, and using the three key shots
  • walking down a corridor
  • opening a door
  • and concluding with a conversation
We had to create a storyboard, to show the key shots and how they would be filmed.
We had to consider camera angles, continuity and character placing.
The main skills that I have taken away from pre-production process is to create a more detailed storyboard, so that it is easier for other people to read. More simple drawings are an essential part of the storyboard to make it more clear and obvious for the reader.
These our my groups finished storyboards. As you can see they aren't incredibly clear, and it's easy to understand why another group reading this may easily become confused, and that there finished product may not be what we initially imagined. When we come to draw storyboards for our final piece, I will have to take into consideration all the factors that I have learnt from the preliminary exercise, such as drawing more clear pictures.

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  1. Sam. Remember that you need three seperate posts

    Pre production where you discuss the storyboarding process and the skills you acquired/developed.

    Production where you discuss filming and the skills you acquired/developed.

    Post production where you discuss editing and the skills you acquired/developed.