Camera Angles, Continuity, Cutting and Composition

Long shot- setting the scene

Medium shot- introducing characters and closer detail

Close up- to show detail in a scene

Extreme close up - for even further detail

High angle -

Low angle -

180 degree rule -

Is consistency of the characteristics of persons, plot,
objects, places and events seen by the
reader or viewer over some period of time.

Cutting (editing)
Cutting, or editing as it is more commonly known is
when a director will edit the raw shots. They can
change the speed and tempo of a scene as well as
a location if a green screen has been used. They
can also withdraw certain scenes as well as add
new ones in. They can aslo place a soundtrack
over the top, as well as subtitles.

This is what is in the scene from the character right down
to a plant plot even though you don't think that it means much
everythinghas been put there for a reason,
it is also called mise-en-scene.

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